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The Exposé (Proposal) is written before the final thesis, but is basically the supreme discipline of scientific work. Because the Exposé requires a very abstract thinking ahead of your complete thesis by the description of the problem and the explanation of the approach. However, students usually lack experience in the state of research of the subject and the first literature search takes more time than expected.

Do you need support in the preparation of your exposé? We help you to gather sources, to search the literature and to draw up a preliminary outline.

You can also have an exposé written by a ghostwriter in your subject to complete the bachelor or master thesis stress-free.

You can read yourself into many books, but can not find the red thread?

Our ghostwriters structure your thoughts in the synopsis and help you get started with your thesis.

Why an Exposé is useful for the bachelor thesis

At many universities, supervisors require an exposé before completing the bachelor thesis to make sure that the student thesis is going in the right direction.

Even if this preliminary work is not required by your institute, it is advisable to prepare the content and objectives for your own planning.

As a foundation of the thesis, the proposal serves as a kind of red thread, which predetermines the tendency of the bachelor thesis at an early stage.

In addition to literature and structure, it often also contains a realistic timetable that indicates when and which intermediate step should be reached.

You find it difficult to write an exposé especially in the early phase of your bachelor thesis?

Our academic authors are happy to assist you with this part of your thesis with their experience in scientific work.

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With founded exposé for the master thesis

Even if no preparation was required for the bachelor thesis, many supervisors expect an exposé for the master thesis at the latest in the consecutive master’s program. If the most important methods and theories of the thesis are written down and if the research question is formulated and specified at an early stage, the understanding between the lecturer and the student increases as well.

As there must already be some expertise in the subject for the scientific exposé, it is not easy for most students to reduce the presentation of the problem from the master’s thesis, which can take up to 120 pages, into an abstract exposé in just a few pages.

That’s why there are experienced ghostwriters to help you conceptualize. Literature research, structure and introductory text are no problem for our experts. Even if you are still looking for a topic, our specialist authors are the perfect contact person.

Scientific Exposé: What must be done?

The content of your exposé strongly depends on the requirements of your university. Typical points that a scientific proposal may contain are:

  • Problem / question
  • cognitive interest
  • Target / hypotheses
  • Relation to theory
  • state of research
  • methods
  • Preliminary structure
  • Preliminary bibliography
  • Schedule with milestones

How many pages does an exposé have?

Depending on the purpose of the exposé, it may vary in length.

For example, a proposal for a term paper or term paper is a lot shorter than an exposé for the bachelor or master thesis.

If the preparation for the doctoral thesis or a research project is needed, it is again much more comprehensive.

Seminar paper and housework: 1-2 pages

Bachelor Thesis, Master Thesis and Diploma Thesis: 2-5 Pages

PhD thesis or research project: 5-20 pages

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Academic ghostwriter for your exposé

Especially the time aspect is often lost sight of when creating the exposé. Students immerse themselves in literature and would like to have a complete overview of the state of research even before starting their final thesis. At the same time, the topic and the problem must not be forgotten.

Since the exposé is extremely time-consuming, our experienced ghostwriters like to take care of the preparatory part. Our authors have even completed their field of study and acquired at least one master’s degree. You are well versed in scientific work and have written numerous exposés for bachelor and master theses.

Exposés with quality

If you decide to have your synopsis written by Ghost & Write, you benefit from a detailed quality check.

Firstly, we select our authors in advance for exactly your order, so that their expertise will convince.

On the other hand, every document written by our ghostwriters is subject to proofreading.

Only when


Orthography and

the red thread are checked,

additionally a plagiarism check is carried out. In this way you are sure that your exposé is absolutely unique.

Price factors

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  • processing time
  • subject area
  • Complexity of the topic
  • literature review
  • Empirical work
  • Provided preliminary work