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Scientific editing & linguistic proofreading

Regardless of how good your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis content is, at the end of your working phase should always be a scientific editing, but at least a proofreading.

Small typing errors or lack of care in quoting or in the formalia reduce the overall impression quickly.

This makes mediocrity from an otherwise good thesis.

Avoid unnecessary hassles and have an academic editor of Ghost & Write proofread your homework, bachelor thesis or master thesis.

A scientific editing gives you the necessary security, submit your thesis with a good feeling at the Examination Office.

Scientific editing

  • grammar
  • spelling
  • Content text correction
  • Red thread available?
  • Examination of sources
  • Examination of citation
  • formatting
  • Formal requirements
  • Addition of text

Including plagiarism

Regardless of whether you opt for a scientific editing or a linguistically formal proofreading:

We always carry out a plagiarism check.

In this way, you are sure to submit a true one-off at the examination office.

Extensive editing of your bachelor thesis

What is the difference between a review of your bachelor thesis and a proofreading of your bachelor thesis?

Basically, for both forms of correction, your work will be checked for errors and remedied altogether.

The proofreading is the standardized procedure for examining a text.

It improves grammar, spelling, punctuation and writing style.

If you have a template for your bachelor thesis written by Ghost & Write, this form of correction is already included in the offer.

If you want to have your bachelor thesis corrected and if the examination of the content and the sources should be included, the extensive editing of the bachelor thesis is recommended.

Master thesis proofread

The master thesis is the figurehead of your academic career and should therefore meet all requirements for scientific work.

Above all, the formatting and the bibliography must be correct.

That spelling errors are avoided, a scientific writing style is present and the grammar is correct throughout the text, is a matter of course for the final thesis in the master’s program.

Have one of our academic editors review and correct your master’s thesis. We recommend an extensive editorial especially for the master thesis, so that everything is right in the end – from the cover sheet to the bibliography.

Experts for the scientific specialist lecture

The Wissenschaftslektorat (also Wissenschaftslektorat) differs from the classical Lektorat in a publishing house in that the focus is on the scientific standards, which the housework or thesis has to satisfy. On the one hand, the form and, on the other hand, the content is checked for conclusiveness, reasoning and presentation. This requires the expertise of the skill of proofreading.

Our editors have all successfully completed their academic careers and have years of experience in correcting and editing texts. If you want to have your scientific text corrected, Ghost & Write puts you in the right place!

What are the prices for proofreading?

Whether proofreading or proofreading, in any case, an academically well-trained lecturer is behind the service, which means the fine-tuning of your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis.

A fair payment is essential for this part. Therefore, we do not take cents per word for editing chores and theses but have fixed prices per page.

Prices for checking your work

Correctorate: from 11,50 Euro per page

Proofreading: from 40 euros per page