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In contrast to classic term paper or homework, the (or the) essay is much shorter, but means similar effort.

For the essay speaks the relatively free design. Students are able to work on and discuss a topic from their field of study relatively free of methodology and models.

At the same time, however, this difficulty is the difficulty of the essay, because the arguments and theses nevertheless have to be written in a pointed way.

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How do you write an essay?

While some universities call for the essay as an exam, there is little information on how to actually write a scholarly essay. The special feature is the certain esprit of the essay, which is characterized by a clear thought structure, a certain lightness and a stylistic perfection. Our ghostwriters are skilled at writing essays and will help you with structure, style and content.


Classically, the introduction in short and concise sentences to the topic. The prelude is often a quote from the research to which you can build on.

In your essay you will discuss the statement and support or negate it with your theses and arguments in the further course. Importantly, the Essay Introduction phrases a precise question that needs to be answered.


Since the essay is not structured in chapters with headings, the structuring is done by paragraphs.

These are self-contained and always deal with a thesis or argument that defends your point of view in the introduction using examples from the research literature. A very sparing use of quotations – directly in the text without footnote – is common for an essay.


At the end is the so-called “conclusion”. In it you put on about half a page briefly your conclusion together. At this point, you should no longer argue and address new theses.

Your point of view of the essay is now clearly and clearly summarized. Then there is a page with literature that has supported you in your argument.

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