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You have a business idea and are in the middle of the start-up phase?

As a result, you’re currently lacking the time to create the business plan you need for funding such as the founders grant?

Ghost & Write is the ideal contact here. We provide academic ghostwriters from economics with their expert expertise.

Benefit from years of experience in the business world, when you have your business plan written by a professional expert to reduce surprises and estimate risk factors. In this way, you can use the time available effectively and devote your full time to your business model. Although we do not offer business consulting, we formulate your idea precisely.

Why business plan?

Application for financial support (loan in banks, start-up grant)

Overview for potential partners / stakeholders

Support of cooperation requests

Strategic and operative planning

Direct communication for your business plan

The company concept is there, but you lack the necessary experience to create a sound business plan with concrete risk assessment from the draft?

Your personal ghostwriter will take care of your business plan.

Of course, he needs company-internal data and information, which you can easily transfer to him in our secure communication tool Ghost Space.

Of course, sensitive data such as your business idea will be treated confidentially and deleted without exception after the end of the order.

Our ghostwriters are also committed to absolute secrecy and the communication takes place completely anonymous.

Anyway, you can always ask your personal author important questions about your business plan using our chat feature.

Find out now about our ghostwriting agency and get help with your business plan.

Business plan for studying?

In BWL studies writing a clearly defined business plan with numbers, dates and facts is not out of the question. Whether as a classic homework preparation or as the basis for the scientific investigation in your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis – our ghostwriters bring the framework of the business plan in line with the requirements of scientific work.

Especially in your studies you show through the scientific processing of your business plan that you have understood all topics from the sales planning to the corporate organization to marketing and controlling.

If you do not have the time to study this part of your exam, our expert authors will assist you if you have your business plan written.

et al Content Business plan:

  • marketing plan
  • procurement plan
  • production plan
  • personal plan
  • research plan
  • sales plan
  • financial plan

Write a business plan: Costs & Process

Since your business plan is written by very well educated business academics who have a wealth of experience and minimize risk factors through, for example, clever financial planning, fair pay is essential.

Since every business plan is unique and can range in size from 15 to 50 pages, we can not give a flat rate.

It is important that we know the direction in which your business idea should go before commissioning. Based on this, you will receive an offer from Ghost & Write.

Then you can freely share with your ghostwriter about your business plan until you can download the final document.

Of course, you can always give feedback so that the template for your business plan exactly matches your expectations.

  • price factors
  • page number
  • processing time
  • subject area
  • Complexity of the topic
  • literature review
  • Empirical work
  • Provided preliminary work

Experts for your business plan

Who better comes into question for your business project than a trained economist who has written numerous other business plans?

Our BWW ghostwriters have several years of market economy experience and a fine feel for writing. Whether as an independent business consultant or as a manager in small and large companies, the background of our authors is diverse, which is why we will find the right ghostwriter for you. Every business plan is checked for plagiarism, so you can be sure of the uniqueness of your project.